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No great wine ever came from a spreadsheet.

Winemaking is an art, not a numbers game and our winemakers and viticulturists understand this. They pick our grapes based on flavour and ripeness, not on achieving a certain yield. It’s a luxury we have from being family-owned which means everything we do is for the good of what’s in the glass. For us it’s simple: our wine is far more important than how many zeros are on our balance sheet. So open a bottle of Villa Maria and experience what passion and dedication taste like. 


Full-bodied, with distinct undertones of independence.

When you’re independent, you get to decide your own path and follow your dreams. This is what fuels us on our journey to constantly discover amazing. We can experiment with new varietals, try new winemaking techniques, leave the grapes on the vines until they reach peak ripeness for full flavour and choose only what is good enough to share with our family and friends. See for yourself, next time you open a bottle of Villa Maria. 


They said it had to be cork. We said screw it. 

Significant change takes vision. Nerves of steel. You have to be prepared to believe in yourself and your team. That’s what our founder and owner George Fistonich did when he decided to go with a screw cap instead of sticking with tradition and using cork. One man stood strong because he knew it was the best way to protect our beloved wines from cork taint. And as it turned out, George was right. Our awards history is testament to that. But don’t take our word for it. Unscrew a bottle of Villa Maria and decide for yourself. 


We put trust in our makers. 

Our winemakers and viticulturists are why we are #1 in New Zealand and fourth Most Admired Wine Brand* in the world. Their intuition and commitment to their craft has created wines that people love to drink. We don’t ever want to lose that so we give them the room to do what they do best. It’s a luxury that comes from being family-owned. And for us, that means always putting quality first. Next time you open a bottle of Villa Maria you’ll be opening a world of uncompromising dedication and a little touch of faith.

*Drinks International's 'The World's Most Admired Wine Brands' 2017 survey.



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